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We are active equity investors with an overriding focus on growing our clients’ wealth through fundamental bottom up stock selection.

Our Approach

Accountability. Alignment.
Experience. Performance.

Paradice understands that investors seek professional investment managers who can add value by outperforming the market. Our investment professionals share the same generalist mindset and competitive drive, focusing on delivering long-term compounding. We are bottom up, benchmark agnostic managers seeking high active share — all qualities we believe drive long-term consistent performance.

We believe the Paradice difference comes down to our accountability, alignment, experience, and performance

Our Philosophy

Bottom Up Investors

We employ a fundamental bottom-up approach to constructing a diversified portfolio of businesses that we believe can compound value for shareholders over time. While geopolitical and macroeconomic considerations influence our country exposures and individual position sizing, we view macro analysis as supplementary to our bottom-up analysis of potential risk and reward.

Business Analysts

We are business analysts first and foremost, with a focus on understanding key factors such as competitive positioning, normal earnings power across a business cycle, capital allocation skill, integrity and incentives, along with overall corporate governance. Our qualitative assessment goes well beyond the financial statements.


We seek diversification across sectors and geographies, and as generalists, our portfolio managers and analysts are free to pursue the best opportunities wherever they might arise within a strategy’s investable universe.

Our Focus

Compounding. Risk vs. Reward. Disciplined Portfolio Construction. 

We focus on asymmetric investment outcomes, continually assessing the best balance of risk and reward for our clients. 

We aim to deliver on our core promise by combining extensive in-house research with a disciplined approach to portfolio construction.

Our ESG Approach

The Paradice Group is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment. Paradice has a duty to consider the potential financial impact of companies’ exposure to, and management of, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Paradice views the incorporation of responsible investing as important to our investment process.

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