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We are a global asset management company built around fundamental stock picking, integrity, and putting our clients' needs first.

Our Story


In 1999 David Paradice established Paradice Investment Management Pty Ltd (PIM Pty) in Sydney as an Australian domestic equities fund manager.


With no marketing department, strong institutional client and consultant support drove growth, while client demand drove product development. David hired teams who were known to the business and who shared the firm’s investment philosophy.


After adding and soft closing three Australian domestic equity strategies, at the request of existing clients, David Paradice sought to offer a Global Small Mid Cap Equity Product. David hired Kevin Beck to head up the Global Equity Team, which later launched the Global Small Mid Cap Strategy.


Paradice Investment Management LLC, the US-based global investment business, was launched and became an SEC Registered Investment Advisor in July 2012. 


In October of 2020, the Global Equity Team, leveraging its experience in the global arena, launched the International Small Cap Strategy.


As of 31 March 2024, our US-based global investment business, manages around $1.5 billion (USD) in assets.  Paradice's office is located in Denver, CO and contains a mix of investment and non-investment personnel. Our Australian business remains headquartered in Sydney, with additional resources in Melbourne. As a collective group, we manage approximately $9.6 billion (USD).

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